Ongea na Demokrasia Research Report

This is a report on ‘Ongea na Demokrasia’ research project undertaken by the African Child Projects. The research was conducted in the months of August and September, 2023. The objectives of this research were threefold, namely to sensitise democratic culture and digital democracy, to develop an open digital platform called ‘Sema Tanzania’.

School Connectivity Phase III Report

Currently advancing through Phase III of implementation with ambitious objectives of establishing connectivity in a total of 300 public schools. With 101 schools already empowered with digital access, our efforts continue, including the ongoing work to connect an additional 41 schools under Vodacom Tanzania Foundation and 159 schools will be connected under UCSAF making it a total of 300 schools.

School Connectivity Phase II Report

Based on the success of the “sustainability pilot for School Connectivity”, where the focus was on a sustainable OPEX of less than TZS 35,000, the scale up envisaged through this School Connectivity Scale-Up (“SchoolConnect”) project aims at connecting schools to internet and establishing the path towards a nation-wide sustainable model for school connectivity in Tanzania.

School Connectivity Phase I Report

We take great pleasure in unveiling the Phase I Report of the School Connectivity Project. Within these pages, you will find a comprehensive account of our inaugural phase, highlighting the extraordinary journey and accomplishments we have achieved.