African Child Projects has since been using a multi-stakeholder inclusive approach as a rational approach toward reaching a milestone in any of its projects in Tanzania. The following is the categorization of partners in accordance to their affiliations with African Child Projects;

Partners in Connectivity

These are partners dealing with Network installation, router donation, configuration, training of technical working groups, International and national Advocacy in connectivity. These partners are Basic Internet Foundation from University of Oslo, Norway, University of Dar es Salaam, Arusha Technical College and Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology.

Partners in Contents and ICT learning Devices

These are partners that provide the projects with in-kind donations to the project activities and implementation. The in kind donations include Computers, tablets, projectors, TV screens and free e-learning content. These partners are Vodacom Tanzania Foundation, E-Fahamu learning portal, Tanzania Institute of Education and Shule Direct.

Partners in Implementation

These partners are the ones responsible for providing ICT experts who work and assist the projects in all the ICT-related tasks including (but not limited to) Device Configuration, Network Settings, Facilitation and maintenance, Field on-site monitoring, and part of the overall team in the project implementation.

These partners are from the Regional Competence Centers (RCCs) and the Digital Friends. The RCCs are made up of volunteering ICT Telecom engineering students and Computer Science from the three largest Higher learning institutions which are The University of Dar es Salaam College of Information and Communications Technology (UDSM-CoICT), Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology (DIT) and Arusha Technical College (ATC). 

On the other side of partners, Digital Friends are local NGO in the 20 regions where our projects exist. They assist in overall project implementation duties in representative form, thus saving the costs of onsite traveling for the team and increasing timely efficiency on the project sites. Currently, there is almost one Organization per region, in every region within Tanzania, where we partner and train two individuals per organization as project representatives in the region. Some examples of these are UDESO from Katavi, Kasulu Community Networks from Kigoma, Youth Relief Foundation from Tabora, Tarime Community Networks from Mara, and many more significant project champions all over Tanzania.

Policy Partners

These are Partners who work closely with us and are considered part and parcel of the project due to their direct and Indirect significance in policy formulation around technology in education, Public Schools involvement, and in enhancing Public-Private partnership (PPP).

These are the responsible Ministries; Ministry of Education, Ministry of ICT, and President’s Office Regional Administration and Local Government (PO-RALG). From the Ministry of ICT, we have The Universal Communications Access Fund (UCSAF) which is our direct partner in content.


Community leaders

These are not only indirect beneficiaries but also part and parcel of the project. Our projects are implemented in public schools, where from the Tanzania setting, the public schools’ governance consists of Schools local committees which are mostly made by community members and local government leaders of the area. These are responsible for advising and overseeing the interests of the communities in day to day activities of particular schools. Being a project which ensures total ownership by particular schools, we have always been insisting on the school authorities and involving local government from the ministerial level, to assist in making sure that the project facilities remain in the interest of the school in educating and improving the quality of education in a particular community, thus, giving the authoritative decision-making process to the committee and other responsible leaders after our supervisory era has phased out.