Partner Selection Criteria

How we select our partners

Transformed Communities is our ultimate goal. We look to partner with organizations working in rural parts of Tanzania to multiply the impact of our projects in their communities.

Our specific criteria are as follows;

Mission and Values Alignment

We look for partners whose mission and values align closely with those of the African Child Projects. This alignment will contribute to a more cohesive and effective collaboration.


Ethical leadership is fundamental, setting a positive example for the entire organization and fostering a culture of integrity and trust. Organizations require capable, motivated leaders with a compelling vision and a willingness to collaborate with others to achieve it. This ensures ethical considerations are integrated into decision-making, aligning with the organization’s broader goals and values for collective success.

Continuous Learning and Development

We are looking for organizations that are committed to their own learning and development. They stay informed about industry trends, new technologies, and best practices, ensuring that their organization remains at the forefront of their field and can easily adapt to change.

Track Record

We look for tangible results and outcomes based on a track record of delivery, or a clear and compelling vision of future impact for early-stage organizations

Communication and Collaboration

Collaborative leaders actively seek opportunities to work with others, recognizing that partnerships and teamwork can amplify their organization’s impact. They communicate their vision clearly, engaging stakeholders at all levels through transparent and open communication, building trust and alignment among team members and external partners.