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Connect the Unconnected

When the word Internet comes to mind, it’s rare that we think of rural areas powered with such a service. There are a lot of narratives we need to change when it comes to misinformation of people in rural settings and on the quest to connect the unconnected we are more than honored to pioneer such an intervention.

The project is intended in engaging indigenous people of Mkuranga in technology, prioritizing women and young girls by equipping the area with 3-5 information spots, offering affordable and accessible Internet. The information spots will be equipped with a community server, offering free access to information (text, pictures and local video).

In addition, this will be made possible through the installation of Internet facilities (information platforms ) around the proposed area and thereafter, design centers/facilities will be established where the community could go and to utilize the Internet, health information,  and other educational materials or other community services.

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