Fidelia Godwin Mlay

Fidelia Godwin Mlay

NAME:  Fidelia Godwin Mlay

AGE: 46



1st she is already graduated from college she is already married and blessed with a child.

2nd he is 20 years old, he is still in school, Ardhi university. He lives with his uncle since childhood.

3rd she is 15 years old, completed standard 7 and attending tailoring studies.

4th she is 7-year-old, standard 1.


Right now, I have only 2 dependents which are the last two children. One of them is diagnosed with HIV/AIDS at a young age and she has already started using  ARV’s as well. It was not so easy to tell her about her status because she was too young but at the day I did.  She has already graduated from her vocational training to become a tailor and now she owns a sewing machine and uses it to sew school uniforms for children in the village.




I was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in 2008 after suffering a series of back pain and high fever for 2 months at Mawenzi Regional hospital, after all the efforts to cure my back pain seemed in vain the doctors decided to do a full blood screening to know what was wrong, when the results came back i was HIV POSITIVE. I didn’t know what the future had in store for me since being a widow and the mother of 4 children who were still young by then. I felt paralyzed by fear, my whole body was numb. Thinking back how stigma was at a very high rate in our community, everyone was pointing fingers at me saying that will die any time soon.

In 2013 i started using ARV’s, and going to the hospital for clinics. I felt very encouraged after being treated nicely as a normal human being, no stigma at all and the counselor was explaining to us about a balanced diet and giving us hope that it’s not the end of living.


The main challenge for me right now is not having health insurance that makes it difficult for me to cover my medical expenses though I got some supports from my relatives but not all the time. I am good in the vegetable garden, and the land is available. If i could get the support I will use it effectively.


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