AGE: 61



I had 7 children but now I am left with 6, one just passed away. The first one is a boy living in town learning how to drive a motorcycle, The second one she is a girl, already married. The third one she is a girl, she is in form one, the fourth one she is a girl, she is in standard seven, the next one he is a boy in standard two and the last one stays with my relatives.


My wife, three last children and one grandson are the main dependents. I am responsible for paying school fees and all other requirements needed without forget taking care of the family needs.



My brother was diagnosed with HIV/ AIDS 2012 And I was his caretaker until the time of his final moments. I had very little experience and knowledge concerning this disease, he was in so much pain, lost an enormous amount of weight, constant vomiting nothing seemed to stay down in his gut anymore.

On 2015 I was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS after my feet and hands swelling for weeks and my relatives took me to the hospital, the day my hospital results came out after two long weeks of waiting; I felt lost, confused, but one thing was certain that being I had to be strong for my family, for my wife and children.

On 2016 with 42 CD4 count I started ARV’s my health was deteriorating by then, but since the medicine I have seen major improvements. The biggest challenge I face is getting a nutritious meal comprised of fruits and greens, life in the village can get tough with informal unemployment, sometimes even getting one meal is a challenge much less having 3 meals a day, worse enough is ARV’s can’t be taken on an empty stomach. I haven’t been able to afford a health insurance so most of my hospital expenses comes from out of pockets payments

Before I would work for longer hours and got paid more but now age is against me and am not as strong as I used to be, so I see poultry as a way out and starting vegetable gardens.

My wife tested out negative, I think that’s a relief for me since she has been the one giving me hope saying everything will be okay, at least when I am gone, I know one of us is there to look after our children, see them graduate, have children and grandchildren. But there is still so much to look for in life, i am not giving up anytime soon, I’ve learned to appreciate life even more.

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